Top-Tier Results Across the Board

BoardProspects, a startup best described as a “LinkedIn for the boardroom,” needed a PR team to help get the company’s name in front of prospective investors as it ramped up its Series B round of funding and, ultimately, positioned itself for acquisition.
Thought leadership media relations was deployed to insert the founder and startup’s name in business and investment press. To accomplish this, Hollywood Agency mined for opportunities within corporate governance, national and international business news. A BoardProspects news bureau was established for quick, topical and relevant responses to developments and trends in those areas.
In just six months, Hollywood Agency secured approximately 20 interviews for the CEO, Mark Rogers, and 17 pieces of national press coverage. Total media coverage for year one was nearly 60 articles, the majority of which were top-tier. The team also secured the founder an ongoing contributor agreement with Fortune Insiders, where the most influential players in business offer leadership and career advice, from Fortune Magazine. The result? Total media impressions were 797 million and the startup received multiple acquisition inquiries.