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Promotional cat media
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The Purrfect Partnership

Hagen, a leading international manufacturer and distributor of pet care products, has worked with Hollywood Agency for nearly a decade to garner visibility for its suite of pet brands. Most recently, Hagen tasked Hollywood with raising the profile of its popular cat brand, Catit, and making it a household name.


In order to meet the goals of the client, Hollywood needed to introduce Catit’s products with an aggressive consumer media relations campaign that targeted cat lovers of all kinds. Knowing that people love to post about their pets, the agency took to the internet to track down cat-friendly media and influencers – really, anyone with kitty content or a furry friend at home made the list.


Then, the team turned to media relations 101 and got personal. Each pitch, product and mailer was tailored to a specific writer and their kitty companion. Not only did that personalized touch help to secure more than 80 pieces of coverage in 2019, it also helped the team form lasting relationships that are still in place today.


Catit’s product have been featured in The New York Times’ Wirecutter, Huffington Post, Bustle, Reader’s Digest, POPSUGAR, CNN Underscored, Business Inside, New York Magazine, Country Living and many more.


In a world littered (no pun intended) with products, Hollywood delivered a level of visibility that blew the client away. And as far as making Catit a household name – with celebrities like Jonathan Van Ness utilizing our products for his CATV segments – we’d say we nailed it.

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