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Restaurant is Hanging Tough

A November 2022 kitchen fire caused extensive damage and forced the closure of Milton’s Novara restaurant. Fortunately, no one was injured, but the restaurant co-owned by local celebrity Jordan Knight of New Kids on the Block and restauranteur Vance Welch remained closed through much of the holiday season.

Having delivered a successful launch around Novara’s opening back in 2016, Hollywood returned for a short-term project to support them through this crisis. Our team transformed the setback into an opportunity to generate exposure for the restaurant with positive press coverage and on social media.

Hollywood Agency focused on developing a message by creating talking points for internal and external communications in the business. We conducted media training to ensure proper delivery. We utilized owner Vance Welch as a media spokesperson for the company, and enlisted New Kid On The Block member Jordan Knight to  conduct interviews as a partial owner and celebrity spokesperson.

We kept Novara customers engaged with social media content, and built anticipation for the restaurant's reopening following the fire. Their Instagram account saw an 18% increase in followers, and their content reachc saw a 22% increase in reach.

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