Booting Up Social Media with a Celebrity Sweeps


Focused on reaching its underserved audience, The Original Muck Boot Company (Muck) enlisted Hollywood Agency to help market its line of rubber and neoprene boots to women. With a limited budget, Hollywood brokered a partnership with country musician Brett Eldredge to leverage his highly-engaged female fan base on social media.

A sweepstakes entitled #LifeInMyBoots asked fans to “show us what life looks like in your boots for a chance to see Brett Eldredge in concert.” The campaign objectives were three-fold: generate awareness of the line with the target; gain user-generated content for marketing materials; build Muck’s social audience.

While the sweepstakes was consistently posted and promoted across all of Muck’s social media channels, Brett Eldredge also promoted the sweepstakes on his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. The campaign saw a significant increase in both engagement and entries each time Eldredge posted. The paid promotion was targeted to female fans of Muck Boots, Brett Eldredge, country music and the outdoors.

In the final days of the campaign, Eldredge did a “takeover” of Muck’s Instagram channel. Though the #LifeInMyBoots campaign was being hosted on Facebook, the takeover capitalized on Eldredge’s large and engaged Instagram base and directed attention back to the sweepstakes on Facebook. Within the takeover Eldredge posted different photos depicting what life looked like in his boots: in the studio, doing a sound check, at a retailer event and finally putting on a pair of Muck Boots.

Nearly 500 images were uploaded as entry into the sweepstakes providing authentic user generated content. All three of Muck’s social channels saw significant increases in followings and the paid strategy delivered exposure to the target market.

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