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A Hollywood Wedding

I love a wedding. You get to dress up, eat, drink, dance, and enjoy friends and family. And the one I just attended was especially enjoyable. The beautiful bride pictured, Jackie, is a friend of mine. She married Josh who I’ve always adored. They’re a couple that just make sense. I wish them a world of happiness. I met Jackie at the agency when I hired her in 2015. Though she left Hollywood Agency a while back, we’ve remained friends and I feel blessed that she included me (and Kim) in her very special day.

Kim and her husband Brandon made the trek to New Jersey with me and my husband Dan. We laughed our asses off trading stories during the ten-hour commute there and back. Hanging with those two is always a blast. I’ve known Kim for years. She’s my best friend’s sister, which is how we first met when she was just a teenager. Fast-forward many years later and there she was starting the agency with me right at my kitchen island. Thankfully it was only a few weeks until we were working out of our first Scituate Harbor office. That was nearly ten years ago (a topic for a November blog post) and she’s still with me today – a loyal employee and true friend.

Linnea was one of Jackie’s bridesmaids. Those two met at the agency, too. Linnea joined as an intern in 2014 and was brought on full-time a few months later. Jackie joined in 2015 and they were instantly pals, both working and goofing around in the loft of the Plymouth office. Even after both had left the agency, us three would get together for dinner and drinks, until Linnea moved across the country to live in LA. I was so happy to have the opportunity to see her. It will likely be some time until I see her again.

Mary Catherine and Cody sat at our table with Kim and Brandon. MC joined Hollywood in 2017 when we landed in our new home in the Hingham Shipyard. Her husband Cody and I had our own history having sat on the executive committee of the South Shore Chamber of Commerce together. I consider both friends and loved hearing about their current jobs, new home and baby boy.

Hollywood Agency is my business. For my employees, past and present, it’s a job. But I believe for all of us it’s a place where relationships prosper and friendships flourish. I’m sure there are dozens – maybe even hundreds – of connections and friendships that have been made because of Hollywood Agency and that’s incredible to reflect on. And, I can’t wait for the next Hollywood wedding.

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