A Socially Distanced Summer

I think we can all agree these are truly crazy times… unlike any we have experienced before. I sit down to write this blog post exactly one year after throwing my black graduation cap up in the air, celebrating four fantastic years, and preparing to embark on my adult life.

Who knew the world would look so different just one year from that moment? Throughout these last few weeks, especially since the weather has gotten warmer and more people want to flock outside, I can’t stop trying to put myself in the shoes of people in other situations right now.

I find myself trying to jump into the shoes of someone with no TV. No newspapers, laptop, cell phone, no daily press briefings on the most recent coronavirus case count in the U.S. How does the world look to them, compared to one year ago? Are they thinking, “the weather is gorgeous; we had a rainy spring and the grass is green, but is allergy season way worse this year? Why is everyone wearing masks and why are all our local businesses forced to keep their doors closed?” Are they getting ready for a summer just like any other, confused by what is happening in the world around them?

Then I jump into the shoes of delivery drivers (Amazon on the daily, anyone?), grocery store workers and all the other essential workers who have been hard at work while we stay sheltered in our homes. Are they proud to have work, and excited to be out and about? One day did they just start their route and there was suddenly no traffic? How do they feel now that they see people fearful to touch their deliveries without constantly wiping them down or wearing gloves. And those Drizly delivery drivers? I mean they’ve done more deliveries these past 10 weeks than all of last year combined. They have definitely earned their essential classification.

Okay, they don’t wear shoes, but is anyone else thinking about our pets? Are they tired from all the extra walks they are getting? Are they confused as to why we are in their space? They used to own the house from 9-5, now they can barely get a quiet moment! I am sure they are confused, trying to understand their commands through a thick blue cloth covering their masters’ nose and mouth. “What are those, and should I have one on?” They can’t get a moment alone this summer, and they also haven’t been able to see their dog friends at dog parks or public beaches.

How will the beach snack shack owners and the surf shop legends occupy their summer without the tourists and beach-goers flooding their storefronts? I guess we can say goodbye to trying on that perfect summer outfit in the store to see how it fits, and my mom will finally have to start ordering clothes online – even though she hates not being able to try them on first. There are countless things that have changed, and some things are definitely going to change for good.

I know my summer will look way different this year. I can admit I was aware of some of the changes I would personally face this summer of 2020, but never did I think that everyone else would also be facing a new and different world.

Although it is not what we imagined it would shape up to be, I hope the summer of 2020 is filled with health and happiness for all.

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