• Christian Flanagan

Christian Flanagan: Interning at Hollywood Agency

Hello, my name is Christian Flanagan and over the summer I had my first internship at Hollywood Agency. The experience was beyond amazing, and I got to see what it’s really like inside of a communications agency.

In high school, I got into dropshipping by creating websites and selling products for various types of niche markets. Going into freshman year of college, I continued to learn about the best ways to market these products and learned about Facebook ads, Google ads, influencers, and much more. This gave me a general idea about marketing and Hollywood Agency, but the work I did there was much more valuable and insightful.

Not only did the internship show me the moving parts of an agency, but I got to work with people that have been doing it for years. Everyone on the team kills it, and they are always willing to help or answer the interns’ questions if we have any. I loved how high energy, positive, and hardworking the team is, and so do the clients.

My work experience at Hollywood Agency included working with clients and team members to design and construct websites, write social post captions, building influencer lists, participating in team brainstorming sessions, researching prospects, and much more.

Overall, what I learned from Hollywood is an organization needs an optimistic, skilled, driven team with the right attitudes and mindsets in order to be successful. The connections and opportunities you will encounter interning here are endless and I will for sure miss the environment when I’m back at school.

The amount of real-world experience and work I got from the internship was phenomenal, and I can’t thank the team enough for the opportunity. I would highly recommend interning at Hollywood if you are going into digital marketing, design, PR, or communications. Send an email to pr@hollywoodagency.com to learn more.

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