• Lindsay Carroll

Ew, COVID! The Making of the 2020 Hollywood Holiday Card

The Hollywood Agency holiday card. A staple at the agency since 2012. In previous years, the theme was discussed and debated for months upon months. As you all know, this year was… a bit different, to say the least. In April we had a virtual Hollywood Happy Hour that was Schitt’s Creek themed, and we all really got into it. Costumes, themed drinks… you name it. About a month later, we decided to carry the theme over to the holiday card. No debates, no questions asked, it really was just decided collectively. The title of the show alone simply emulates 2020. Because, really, it was kinda a schitty year!

Since quarantine left us all with more time than we liked, it gifted us with some extra time to binge watch any and every show. Most of us had seen a few seasons and the rest were getting caught up. Once fall came around, Schitt’s Creek was cleaning the floor at the Emmy’s and we were ready to jump into action.

Once the theme was selected, we went into full-on creative mode. As the Art Director here at Hollywood, I was tasked with coming up with a creative vision for the photoshoot and layout of the card. To start, I paired up with holiday card vet, Kim, to get the creative juices flowing. We brainstormed costumes, scenes, copywriting, clues, the location and more. We booked a room at the Boston Motel over in Weymouth and the location turned out to be perfection. Once everything was all set up and ready to go, we narrowed down a date and started ordering props and costumes.

This year we paired with our client, The Company Theatre for assistance with costumes and makeup. The characters from the show are so iconic and particular, we really wanted to get it right. We probably could have spent days just on Moira’s outrageous looks alone. Once costumes and wigs were in order all we had to do was get excited for the big day.

The day of was a PRODUCTION, to say the least. The team arrived early in shifts to get makeup and hair done by the amazing Ryan Barrow from The Company Theatre. From ironing lightning bolts onto sweatshirts to counting crows, it was a morning of craziness and plenty of laughter. Darlene even brought her new puppy Houston to run around, who also doubled as a prop for Ted Mullin’s character.

Once prepping was complete, we all hauled over to the Boston Motel. The guests were definitely a little confused when we started parading around in our ridiculous getups. Someone even came up to me and asked, “Are you guys shooting a movie?” It was quite the show. Looking back, one of my favorite moments at the shoot was when Holly accidentally spilt oil from a sub on her gray t-shirt. She was playing Roland, so it only made her costume more authentic.

We were thrilled to work closely with our photographer, Kjeld Mahoney – also a Hollywood card veteran. He was truly able to bring every shot and the vision to life.

All in all, it was a long day but it was worth it, because we got the shot(s). I know we all went through a lot in 2020, but I am glad that our annual holiday card brought joy and a good laugh to many family, friends and clients. Some might even say it was our best yet.

To see the evolution of the card, check out our new page featuring the Hollywood holiday cards throughout the years! We cannot wait to start planning our 2021 card!

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