From the Publicist’s Desk Q & A: Natasha

What industries do you work in?

I work in the consumer and nonprofit space, and have such a wide variety of industries I focus on. Ranging from toys and travel to pet products and baby products, every day, nay every few hours, looks different. I enjoy figuring out how our clients can adapt to changing landscapes; whether it’s understanding how to share back-to-school products this season or how to hold virtual events, it’s ever-changing and I love it.

Who are your clients?

My current clients are TOMY International, the parent company of popular brands like Boon, JJ Cole, The First Years and Lamaze; Samsonite, a well-known luggage company; Hagen, a pet company that includes brands like Catit, Dogit, Exo-Terra; and NVNA and Hospice, a home health care agency on the South Shore.

What’s your typical day, and what are you working on right now?

When Jim Halpert imitates Dwight Schrute, he says “Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica,” but for me, it’s “Cats, Weddings, Animal Crossing.” One unique project I’m currently working on is to create dating profiles for cats (yes, you read that right) for Catit’s new Virtual Adoption Campaign called #CatitConnection. They’ve partnered with shelters across the country to showcase their cats and kittens on their site. To spruce up their profiles, we’ve created dating bios for each feline. If you’re looking for a fun read or just want to see some cute cats (Gold Rush is my favorite!), check out the site here.

Another project I’ve been enjoying is a wedding campaign with Samsonite. A lot of couples have had to cancel or postpone their weddings due to COVID-19, and Samsonite’s hoping to help cross off what can sometimes be an expensive gift from their registries. We’ve been putting together custom sets with a two-piece collection, weekender bag and some accessories to give out to these couples through creative campaigns.

Finally, we hit a big milestone for TOMY’s Instagram as we reached 10K followers! This has been a big goal of ours over the past year, so we’re celebrating with a mega giveaway to all our followers. With a lot of new and recent launches on the horizon (Animal Crossing, to name one!), it’s super exciting to see them shared with our growing audience.

What’s your favorite part of the job?

The variety of work and openness to ideas. As I’ve mentioned, it’s not even my day-to-day that looks different, it’s my hour-to-hour. I really enjoy being able to flex and grow different skills, from understanding social analytics to providing influencer recommendations. The openness to ideas comes with our agency, where everyone is always willing to teach you something and listen to whatever idea you might have.

As someone fairly new to PR and to “job” world, I really have appreciated the acceptance of ideas and have thrived in the diversity of work.

What’s something about your job that you want people to know?

I’m always learning (and I love it!). Whether it’s learning about new social platforms (looking at you, Instagram Reels) or seeking feedback on sharper, stronger writing, there’s so much more to discover from my colleagues, industry trends and clients themselves.

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