• Stacy Clougherty

From The Publicist's Desk: Stacy Clougherty

What industries do you work in?

I work across non-profit, B2B and consumer accounts, and one of the things I like best about working at an agency is the variety. At the office, I think of myself as a mini subject matter expert, and at home, I’m applying my knowledge while I watch (and beat my husband at) Jeopardy. The cliché is true that no two days are the same.

Who are your clients?

My current clients include Kaon Interactive, Thermacell Tick Control Tubes and Samsonite. I just wrapped up a project with the Autism Society of America and we’re on a brief pause with Venom Steel gloves due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kaon’s interactive 3D sales and marketing applications transform product and solution marketing content into visual storytelling experiences to deepen customer engagement, reduce marketing expenses, and accelerate the sales cycle. Reaching the C-suite, especially during this time of digital transformation, is a priority for 2020 so we’re crafting compelling media pitches aimed to resonate with their target audience.

Thermacell Tick Control Tubes is a fascinating product and project to me as a mom and homeowner. They are a no-spray environmentally safe way to kill deer ticks that could transmit Lyme Disease. Tubes containing permethrin-treated cotton are placed in your yard for mice to find and bring the cotton into their nests. When ticks attach themselves to the mice, they die. Yay for science!

Samsonite, which turned 110 this year, continues to innovate and change the way we travel. Our team is watching the current news very carefully and continuing to refine our pitches to keep the Samsonite brand featured in relevant news stories.

The Autism Society of America celebrated National Autism Awareness Month (NAAM) in April. The pandemic changed our PR plans significantly, and we went from primarily promoting NAAM to communicating the organization’s COVID-19 toolkit and resources.

And finally, Venom Steel, a product line from Medline, makes rip-resistant gloves perfect for DIY projects and a number of hobbies including gardening, boating, fishing, hunting, painting and more. I look forward to executing our PR and influencer plans when the timing is right.

What are you working on right now?

In addition to my current clients, new business and agency operations fill my time. Forecasting and monitoring client hours, managing three employees and their professional development plans, and creating new business proposals are just a few things keeping me busy during the week.

Recently I’ve participated in a number of webinars examining the changing media landscape, as it’s critical to stay up to date in order to provide the best counsel for clients and prospective partners.

Finally, I’m working on a new “restarter” kit for businesses in the professional services industries, so they have a quick and efficient way to communicate that they are open for business. Stay tuned for more information!

What’s your favorite part of the job?

For me, it’s always been the people. Whether clients or colleagues, the people remain the most important part. I have a team mentality, and nothing makes me happier than watching others learn, grow and succeed.

Darlene’s leadership is the main reason why I’m at Hollywood Agency. I didn’t even know my client roster before I signed on, but I knew that the team culture and overall agency vibe was going to be a fit.

I cannot wait to be back in the office with the team (and for that view!), but love that we’ve kept up our culture while at home.

What’s something about your job that you want people to know?

First, how much I, and the entire agency, truly care about our clients. Your wins are our wins and your challenges are our challenges. I’m always thinking about my clients (sometimes in the middle of the night!).

And second, we’re human. The COVID-19 crisis provided a rare opportunity to see each other in our homes, meet families, and overall, work a bit differently. It’s an emotional and uncertain time. Sometimes my lovely children are screaming during a Zoom or I’m working once they are sleeping. I’m fortunate that the team at Hollywood and our clients recognize these challenging times and, as humans, we’re working together to get through it.

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