• Stacy Clougherty

Introducing New Programs and Our Updated Website

At Hollywood Agency, our tagline is “we make brands famous.” It’s more than a catchy phrase, it’s something we work hard to achieve for our clients every day. However, we also recognize in this uncertain business climate, that some brands don’t have the budgets, capacity or need for the big time – yet.

We’ve been following the news, watching closely with an eye turned toward business and the economic impact of the pandemic, and thought long and hard: How can we support companies looking to solve immediate communications needs? What if we could offer customized programs without the time and financial commitment of a monthly retainer? We can! We’ve created something called “The Show Must Go On,” a series of restarter communications packages and à la carte options built on industry feedback and years of experience. These programs help position small to midsized companies to survive and thrive beyond this challenging moment in time.

Staying true to the Hollywood branding, we offer “The Encore,” which provides a little support for one to two months; “The Second Act” helps identify and plan for what’s next; and “The Sequel” assists in jumpstarting a new direction or campaign. They all include strategy sessions, communications planning, media relations and social media support at varying levels.

Maybe you just need to pick our brain for a few hours, some copywriting assistance, or social media graphics designed? We can do that, too. Review the kit here or drop us a line at pr@hollywoodagency.com, and let’s chat about how we can help.

There is no better time to introduce the new offerings than with the launch of our updated website! We wanted to make sure the site was on-brand, informative, modern, accessible and fun. We are thrilled with the results (thanks, Lindsay Carroll!) and excited to present it to clients, partners and prospects. I’m particularly excited about the client work page and the new case study format. Check it out.

Things certainly haven’t slowed down here at Hollywood, and we anticipate summer to be busier than ever as the economy begins to reopen. We look forward to hearing from you, and please share your feedback on our restarter kit and website!

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