• Gabby Curtis

My Hollywood Internship Experience

Internships have always been something that I knew I needed not only to get a good job later in life but to also help me figure out what it is I exactly wanted to do in the future. Each year, after finishing up a semester of college, I would think to myself “I really need to start applying to internships for the summer.”

For some people, the term internship has a bad stigma around it. I know that I personally pictured internships as the intern running errands for the top executives, getting coffee, printing papers, and doing loads of busy work. However, what I’ve come to find out is that not all internships are like that, and never did I think I’d be so lucky to score an internship opportunity as I have here at Hollywood Agency.

Interning at Hollywood is nothing like I pictured, but everything I hoped for. Each day is completely different from the next, which keeps it both interesting and educational. I have worked on everything from media list creation, researching cat influencers, pitching a client, social media content, and everything in between! It’s one thing getting to learn how to do these things in a college course, but when you get the real-life experience, it is even better. Every day I come into the agency, I look forward to the surprise of projects that I may get to work on to help build my skill set more and more.

Not only am I lucky to get hands-on experience during my internship at Hollywood, but I am also blessed to be surrounded by some of the best PR professionals to learn from. The Hollywood team has been nothing but helpful during my time as an intern and I can’t thank them enough. From my first day up until now, they have always included myself and my fellow interns as one of them, and never leave us out of a team meeting or brainstorm. Our opinions and ideas are valued just as much as theirs. I thank the entire Hollywood team for helping me throughout my time here and teaching me that no question, is a dumb question.

If you are ever considering an internship in the public relations, communications, or media world, Hollywood Agency should be at the top of your list. The opportunities are endless here and the relationships you make are ones that will last you forever. I am so grateful for my time here at Hollywood, and I can truthfully say I will miss it here when I’m gone.

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