• Stacy Clougherty

This is my blog post. Topic still TBD.

A colleague recently said I’m the type of person who needs to write things out. I wanted to get defensive and say, well I’m good at verbal communication, too, but I sat with it for a minute and thought, you know what, he’s right.

My interest in writing began when I was in high school (ahem, 20+ years ago). I was part of the school newspaper staff and named copy editor of my yearbook. Nothing felt cooler at 16 years old than finding an error and circling it (no track changes then!) with a big red pen. As a professional, if it’s not written (aka my to do list), it doesn’t exist. If I’m continuing to be honest with myself, I’m probably still a better editor than writer.

As someone who manages the blog calendar, we all get scheduled to write on an assigned topic a few times a year in addition to ad hoc posts. I scheduled myself as “Topic TBD” because I just couldn’t think of one area that I felt passionate enough writing about, though I’ve never been more passionate about my job, team, and clients than I am these days.

I thought about an entire post on the exciting things agency clients are up to (for example - see here, here and here), the amazing and hard-working team we have in place (hi, everyone!), what I want to tell new business prospects (please just give us the budget), advice for those coming into the industry (I probably don’t care about your GPA, where did you intern?), reflecting deeper on my promotion (see this LinkedIn post), even what’s going on in my personal life (we are moving and it’s been insane).

Nothing. Crickets. Not there. Is this writer’s block?

Yet somehow, I’ve written 305… 306… words and given you a quick snapshot of what’s on my mind. Roundups and brain dumps count as blog posts, too. As I told another colleague, it’s okay if somedays it’s not there. “The best way to get something done is to begin.” So, I began and now I’m done. Thanks for reading.

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