• Chard Graumann

This just in... Creative Director Being Creative...(crickets)

My time at Hollywood Agency has proven to be quite fulfilling and very busy. I have gone from creating design on a very narrow road to working on a freeway. The accounts I have been working on have ranged from corporate and reserved to way out of the box ethereal looks.

Black & Decker Health has allowed me to work within sharp branding guidelines with crisp graphic assets. Designs range from email signatures to mass digital campaigns. Creating training videos for health care pilots device has been fun and very rewarding.

Branding exercises have proven to be challenging and super fun to spring out of the box—from builders to music conservatories to the food industry.

Website design is starting to take the main stage with a new launch for a regional builder/developer, Flynn Build & Develop. There are many more sites in the works... stay tuned.

If I’m not creating designs for clients, there is plenty to do internally, right in our very own agency. Designs are needed for new business pitches, our website and social media. I have been able to start photographing our team and move the photographic style into new looks.

This is just a snip-it of what’s been going on. I’m super happy to be working in such a diverse creative environment. Email me if you want to connect on how we can help make your brand (and branding) famous. chard@holllywoodagency.com

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