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We Want More (Orange) Cowbell

2022 has been an incredibly busy year so far onboarding new clients in the tech, consumer goods, finance, real estate, innovation, and non-profit spaces. In addition to onboarding new clients, several new superstar team members have joined the team to support new accounts and the agency has been abuzz with activity.

Here at Hollywood a little orange cowbell sits on each of our desks. When we have something to celebrate - a great hit for one of our clients, an industry award or winning new business - we ring the bells to announce the news, and everyone joins in.

Well, there have been a LOT of bells ringing lately!

So, what goes in to winning a new client? When the opportunity arises in the form of an RFP the whole Hollywood team comes together to put our best foot forward. We start with some intense research – the client, their competitors, the media landscape for their industry. Next, we hold an agency-wide brainstorm meeting to discuss how we can best serve a new clients’ needs. We ask the questions: What pitch angles will garner that dream headline? What can we do to improve their current social channels and website? How can we support their digital marketing efforts? How will partnerships, activations or events fit into our recommendation? What are the thought leadership opportunities for the C suite? Once the creative juices start flowing, we inevitably come up with some pretty amazing, out-of-the-box ideas for these would be clients. Lastly, we build the deck, present then hope for the best!

Once a new business win is announced, the orange cowbells ring, the Slack channel blows up with high five emojis, and a GIF or two, then the team gets busy planning and preparing for the first kick-off meeting.

And now, we proudly introduce our newest clients:

First up, STANLEY X. STANLEY X is the innovation division of Stanley Black & Decker. STANLEY X pioneers solutions that address modern challenges in Construction, Manufacturing and Workforce Technology. STANLEY X develops in-house solutions and forges thoughtful partnerships, spinouts, investments and acquisitions. The Hollywood team supports all aspects of this account from media relations and thought leadership to events and social media.

Squads tapped Hollywood to launch a web3 platform that lets fans connect with their favorite creators, similar to a membership fan club. Buying a single coin grants access to the squad, while the purchase of additional coins opens eligibility for exclusive, personal experiences. Squads is changing the way creators interact with fans. The team has had success securing media interviews/coverage for creators Ireland Baldwin (Yahoo!), DeSean Jackson (SB Nation), Courtreezy (Sweet July) and other hits in Business Insider and Vox (article pending).

BlissLights will launch their latest product SkyLite Evolve this summer. The founder of BlissLights was on a mission to help his daughter who was afraid of the dark. Drawing from his experience with laser lights for parties and festivals, he created a projector that showered her bedroom walls and ceiling with thousands of twinkling stars. The lights comforted her without disrupting her sleep with harsh brightness or a dim night light that did little to dispel the darkness. This first foray into the world of home laser lights sparked a movement that has since shaped BlissLights into a household name for perspective-shifting, game-changing experiences. In addition to media relations, we’re supporting key partnership research and collaborations.

KEEN brought Hollywood on board to support KEEN Kids’ media relations efforts with several exciting initiatives for 2022 including the launch of KEEN Kids' Speed Hound shoe designed especially for wheeled play. KEEN is a global footwear brand driven by a passion to make the outside and trades accessible for all, and is committed to creating original, versatile products, enhancing lives and inspiring adventures outside.

Mightier is a video game app that builds emotional strength, resilience and confidence in children. It was developed out of Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School and is clinically tested and proven to reduce outbursts by 62 percent, oppositional behavior by 40 percent, and family stress by 19 percent. Since its launch in 2018, Mightier has helped more than 50,000 families with children who struggle with anxiety, tantrums and anger, as well as clinical diagnoses such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) and autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The team jumped right in with Children’s Mental Health Awareness week (and secured 4 hits in less than a week!) and we’ll continue building our program centered on media relations, bylines, and speaking/awards.

The Palace Project is a transformational, library centered platform for digital content and services. The Palace project supports the mission of public libraries by providing equitable access to digital knowledge by enabling libraries to serve content to patrons from all major e-content providers. We support several initiatives including social media, media relations and marketing support.

The Massachusetts Organization for Addiction Recovery (MOAR) is a statewide non-profit advocacy organization that brings together individuals recovering from addiction, their families and friends as a collective voice to educate the public about the needs of the community and the value of recovery. In addition to advocacy, MOAR also connects their members with the key resources and support programs they may need on their recovery journey. Hollywood will support branding, social media and media relations needs.

Hollywood has been supporting the launch of The Fortia Group, an investment group based in Dublin, Ireland for eCommerce companies, with three core offerings: advising brands on their exits, providing investment banking services for aggregators, and an investment syndicate exclusively focused on aggregators of eCommerce brands. Our Irish whiskey sampling table at a recent trade event for The Fortia Group was the hit of the show floor!

Finally, Final Offer is a new platform, built by real estate and technology leaders, that empowers top real estate agents to provide a more transparent offer and negotiation experiences to their clients. Final Offer allows sellers to clearly outline their desired price and terms, giving buyers the certainty they need to always make a wining offer. By setting a Final Offer Price, sellers are able to maximize the value of their home, giving buyers the ability to purchase the home immediately. We’ve been supporting the launch and first listings on the platform through messaging, branding, social media and media relations. Fun fact, Final Offer is our neighbor in our Shipyard offices.

If your company is looking for some fresh ideas and a creative, hard-working, bell-ringing team to support your PR and marketing efforts – get in touch! We want to show you just how Hollywood can make your brand famous.

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