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Welcome and cheers to Isabelle!

How does one go from studying the environment, to being a bartender, to entering the communications industry? Well, it’s a long story, of which I would prefer to tell you over a drink, but for the sake of writing this blog post I’ll do it here and keep it short.

I was “late” to the game considering I didn’t have my first social media account until I was a junior in high school and only had Facebook. Fast forward and now I use and love all the “typical” channels. Don’t bother following me on Twitter though, I only keep that account because a celebrity retweeted me once. You’ll have to ask me about it.

I studied the environment in college and after graduating and several internships I found myself at a small, sustainably focused distillery in Vermont where I learned how to make liquor, how to make drinks with that liquor, and how to take pictures of those drinks. From there my love of social media, and overall communications, grew. I became the Marketing and Communications Coordinator where I managed their Instagram and Facebook accounts, some print ads, and email newsletters on top of being a pretty good bartender and sales associate. After 3 years of working for this amazing distillery, I knew it was time to spread my wings and learn from the best of the best and entered the agency world.

And cue my opening scene at Hollywood… well it was remote to start, but now I’m finally in Hingham with the team, and I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of this cast! My clients include BLACK + DECKER HEALTH, Side By Side Pet, Functional Formularies, South Shore Conservatory, and Kitchen Magic.

As I advise clients professionally and navigate the world of social media personally, I can’t help but think that social media has been getting a bad rap these days, there’s no way around it. From stoking a political divide in this country, to curating a space for the spread of misinformation, to photoshopped images that make people feel bad about themselves. These are all too present problems that we continue to battle, but there is hope. I am a believer that social media can and is a power of good. It can be the birthplace for social justice movements, it can empower people to be their best selves, it can be a resource of accurate and helpful information, and so much more. A revolution is occurring online where everyone has a voice, creators can show off their talents, individuals can find support in the darkest of places, and people can meet and forge friendships from thousands of miles away. I am an optimist but also a realist and will continue to work to make social media a safe space.

These are my favorite accounts to follow on social media in case you’re curious.

· Anna X on Tik Tok for feel good content and Starbucks recommendations.

· Remi Bader on Tik Tok for realistic fashion hauls and body positivity.

· Aerie on Instagram for body positivity.

· Betches on Instagram for all your meme needs and feminist news.

· And for a newsletter – you’ll love the content from We’re Not Really Strangers.

Now, how can I help elevate your brand on social media?

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