• Carly Dickler

Welcome, Carly!

Hi, I’m Carly! I’m Hollywood’s newest assistant account executive and biggest rockstar-to-be. My greatest passion is fashion (specifically shopping), but building advocacy and a community for a brand is a close second. As a professional, I want to be part of the reason why people love brands. Seeing audiences get amped up over a product or an organization thanks to an awesome campaign or a standout social post is the reason why I love what I do. If I can get consumers as excited as I am about my accounts and make some brands famous along the way, then I’ll feel that I’ve truly been successful here at Hollywood.

I come to Hollywood from Harvard Medical School, having helped relaunch a scientific journal and used owned media to promote virtual consortia in the field of bioethics amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Prior to that, I worked in the field of transportation consulting, where I owned media coverage for multi-million-dollar clients and did my best to keep up with transit-related jargon as someone who doesn’t even have her learner’s permit.

My current clients are BLACK+DECKER Health, Catit, Teneral Cellars, BigLever and Triax . My favorite part of my job so far is liaising with our wonderful influencer partners, most of whom are cats. It’s just as (p)awesome as it sounds.

I’ve always known that I wanted to be a part of something a bit more glamorous and that’s how I’ve found myself here at Hollywood. I am the lighting tech on the agency’s set and I’m ready to help our stars (that’s you!) shine as brightly as they can. Oh, and if any fashion brands are reading this, let’s talk about how Hollywood can help make you famous.

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