• Chard Graumann

Welcome to Hollywood, Chard!

Hi, I’m Chard (the other side of Rich). A name given to me by a good friend in college. I was recently hired as Hollywood's creative director. Landing this role was probably the most random, easy, fun, and yet terrifying thing I've done in a long time.

I come from a very diverse background in design. While starting my career with my own interior design business in Connecticut, the desire to be on the computer was just a little bit greater. I made a career change to graphic design with the most minimal portfolio ever, to a local well-known agency and started from the ground up! After getting real-life experience and a good base in graphic design I worked in packaging design for several years. While working in the juvenile world, I too was able to broaden my skill set to fashion and textile design. Being responsible for a successful line of baby swaddles forces you to look at design from more than just a creative space, it teaches you to be more strategic. We used textile designs to enhance the look and did extensive research to modify the sewing patterns. Trending and forecasting were also part of the textile fashion development process. This aspect of design really opened my eyes to global trends and the importance of what colors can do to change our mood, enhance our environment, and effect positive change.

I’m sooo excited for this new rewarding journey and creative adventure. Hollywood Agency intrigues me in so many ways and already has pushed my boundaries in design. Working with more digital content helps me to explore new ways to use the design programs and stay super creative. Working with such big names as Stanley Black and Decker, Kitchen Magic, South Shore Conservatory, Flynn Build & Design, Side By Side Pet, just to name a few, are the type of clients anyone would be happy to work for. Paying close attention to the clients’ needs help me to truly customize each design deliverable. Staying creative and versatile is key.

All work and no play make for a very dull “Chard.” Competitive tennis, hiking, cooking and biking are a fewthings that keep me off the streets.

What I’m obsessed with these days…

· cooking — Half Baked Harvest

· brands — Harry’s razors

· architecture — mid-century modern

· dance — Irish step

· graphics — bold 80’s pop art and colorful drop shadows

· fashion — KJP. forever... patterned sweaters and sweater vests, distressed jeans, athleisure,

comfy footwear, anything fall and cozy

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