• David Ginsburg

Welcome to Hollywood, David!

Hi, I’m David Ginsburg, Hollywood’s new Digital Marketing Manager…although I’m not exactly new to Hollywood.

I’ve been a consultant for the amazing Hollywood team for several years and took on the management of several client digital and social marketing campaigns last spring. After a couple of months, Darlene asked me to join the team on a formal basis, and here I am!

So how does one become a Digital Marketing Manager? In my case, it happened organically. I spent many years in commercial radio in a variety of roles, including marketing and management. When I left the industry, I joined a media-buying agency just as social media was ascending to its role as an integral part of our daily lives—and that of businesses large and small. Soon, I was tasked with launching an in-house social media marketing group and did so successfully, working with a handful of clients in the early “Wild West” days of unlimited reach on Facebook, explaining what a “tweet” was, or what “lol” meant. Which is an lol itself.

Unfortunately, when the Great Recession struck, the agency shut my division down. A client I’d worked with called literally the next day and asked me to help their social program, and in an instant, a consultancy was born. Since that day in 2009, I’ve worked with a wide swath of clients in the hospitality, healthcare, entertainment, and nonprofit worlds along with the good fortune to work on a project-based basis with a number of prominent Boston-area agencies, most notably Hollywood Agency.

People often ask how I went from radio to social marketing, and the answer is surprisingly simple. In both cases, the goal is to build, sustain, and engage an audience of people sharing common interests. The tools might be different, but the fundamentals are aligned. And now in my role at Hollywood, I am fortunate to work with a terrific array of clients including Mod-Tech Homes, BLACK+DECKER Health, South Shore Conservatory, Functional Formularies, and Kora Healthcare.

Outside of agency life, I am involved in my local NPR affiliate station as a host of two weekly talk shows and a monthly music show. I love to read, write, cook, exercise, and spend as much time as I can with my dog Pearl, who is already a favorite around the office.

I’m honored to be a part of the Hollywood Agency team and hope to have an opportunity to help optimize your digital marketing efforts!

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