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What Happens If TikTok Hits the Chopping Block? Four Key Tips for Your Business

Four Key Tips for Your Business

By David Ginsburg, Digital Marketing Manager

You may have seen some of the viral moments from TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew’s marathon Congressional appearance on March 23…and you may have, ironically, seen them on TikTok itself. The nature of the hearings was purportedly a deep concern over data security and parent company ByteDance’s ties to the Chinese Communist Party government amid a movement to ban TikTok from government-issued mobile devices and a broader push for a total ban on the app in the US despite more than 150 million active users in this country alone.

So, what happens if the unthinkable happens and TikTok is banned from the United States? What should your business do?

First: as with all social media platforms, you don’t own the space you occupy. You rent it. Download your content regularly. Sharing TikToks on Instagram as Reels is a common practice already, so you may already be doing this. Create a video portal on your website and upload your TikTok videos there. With appropriate captioning, this may prove to boost your organic SEO in addition to keeping users on your site longer.

Secondly, do a social media audit of all of your active social channels. Where are your audiences most engaged? Where are these opportunities for growth based on the data? It may be time to adjust your strategy and tactics to ensure your business is able to shift to another channel smoothly as the primary driver of your social activity—and include a budget for paid social to support and supplement your organic activity on those channels as well.

Thirdly, email remains a potent marketing vehicle. Are you regularly encouraging registrations for your email list by highlighting the benefits, such as discount codes, advance notifications of new products, and special member-only events? If not, right now is the best time to prioritize your email list.

Finally, consider creating a user community within your website. After all, you own your website. Invite your most passionate followers from across your social landscape to join your community forum. Offer them incentives unavailable elsewhere and urge them to invite their social networks to join in exchange for additional perks based on signup volumes. Offer this community as a whole exclusives, including first-look products, private shopping events, surveys, and opportunities to collaborate on product development or marketing campaigns. Empower them within your own space!

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