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What was your favorite Super Bowl LV advertisement?

Super Bowl ads might be just as popular as the game, some might say. Getting a spot on the big day isn’t just a walk in the park. A 30-second spot was going for $5.5 million dollars.

Since it’s been a bit of a crazy year, some companies opted out and donated to COVID-19 relief programs. For example, Budweiser donated their ad funds to help support COVID-19 vaccine awareness and education. They likely got the same amount of press (maybe even more) as if they aired a spot. Pretty smart thinking on that one.

I sent out a poll this morning to collect some thoughts from the team. Here are Hollywood’s Super Bowl ad picks for this year:


Uber Eats, “Eat Local”

Um... Wayne's World recreated. Party time, excellent!


Reddit: 5 Second Ad

Proof that you only need five seconds or less to grab someone’s attention and that words matter. It was so timely and relevant as it referenced how its users recently disrupted Wall Street.

And it’s getting a ton of press today.


T-Mobile, “Brady & Gronk Big Game Ad”

My favorite ad didn’t even get the screen time it so deserved during the big game last night. As a diehard Pats fan, it has hurt me this year seeing Brady and Gronk connecting in different uniforms, but last night’s success left me with a feeling of gratitude and proved how much I still love them and am happy for their win, even if it isn’t in the Pats colors. This ad from T-Mobile is pure genius - don’t trust big conversations over a spotty network. As a T-Mobile user myself who sometimes gets some shade for it, I think they absolutely crushed the Gronk-Brady dynamic duo in this ad. The ad was rejected due to a protected rights deal with the NFL’s official telco sponsor, Verizon. I get why!

Thank god they won or else this ad would be a bit embarrassing!


Reddit: 5 Second Ad

Whether you paused it on TV to read or looked online, it likely got more eyes absorbing it than a regular 30-second spot.

Flat Matthew was creepy...” alright, alright, alright.”


Amazon, “Alexa’s Body”

It stood out to me as one of the funniest ads in the bunch. While there's something to be said about an emotional ad that tugs on the heartstrings, I think we could all use a little comic relief after all that we've endured in 2020 (and continue to endure in 2021). Also, you can't really go wrong with Michael B. Jordan.


Uber Eats, “Eat Local”

I like how a lot of brands went with the throwback theme this year. Uber Eats did a great job of poking fun at other brands for certain cliche marketing tactics and then went ahead and did every single one of them in a "discrete" way that made it that much better. The TikTok jump & snap clothes change was great, but I do think they probably could have used a more relevant TikTok trend since that one peaked in mid-2020.


Toyota, “Upstream”

This commercial was my favorite because it shows through determination, and strength all of life's hardships can become easy. When watching this commercial it tugged at your heart strings and was a feel-good moment. Also being able to see how talented Paralympians are continues to amaze me.

As for myself, there are too many to choose from. This is my bread and butter. This is what every Art Director dreams to be a part of... so I tend to get a little analytical. I like to think about the execution, the concept, the humor, the sophistication and the list goes on. Here are some top choices:

I don’t think I can just pick one and it was fun to see what my coworkers at Hollywood thought. So... what was your favorite Super Bowl LV spot?

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