Running on Influence

Mobile app Runkeeper uses GPS technology to track running and walking. The first such tracking app in the category, it has remained the go-to for runners over time. To solidify its standing in the race, Runkeeper tapped Hollywood Agency.


Forgoing traditional fitness enthusiasts and avid runners who were more likely to already be aware of the app, Hollywood Agency focused on attracting casual and novice joggers to expand the app’s reach. Instagram influencers representing fashion, beauty, photography, personal finance, nutrition and parenting – who were also enthusiastic about running – were identified to partake in an ambassador program.


Influencers were compensated to organically incorporate @Runkeeper and #Runkeeper in the copy of a post (accompanied by #sponsored). The campaign increased Runkeeper’s Instagram following by 30 percent, significantly exposed the app to a broader audience and drove downloads.

RK in Times Square.jpg