A Celebrity Takeover to Remember


When global juvenile products company TOMY International, Inc. launched Kiipix, it looked to Hollywood to develop and execute a social campaign. KiiPix is a portable, instant smartphone photo printer that uses mini Polaroid-style film to produce retro print outs. The priority target is tween and teen girls who have access to smartphones and to whom these fun keepsake photos would appeal. Hollywood’s strategy focused on three objectives:

  • Increase brand awareness among the KiiPix target audience.

  • Significantly grow the number of followers on its Instagram channel.

  • Create a path-to-purchase on Amazon leading into the key holiday season, boosting sales.

The agency curated content on Instagram that resonated with the audience – from fashion to friendships to room décor. Knowing 92 percent of consumers trust online word-of-mouth recommendations, Hollywood also secured micro-influencers to entice the audience with content, imagery and reviews.

Based on the success of the micro-influencers campaign, Hollywood developed a strategy to secure a celebrity influencer partnership that would create even more buzz: actress and dancer, Maddie Ziegler. The teen superstar boasts 12 million followers on Instagram and is extremely influential among teens and tweens.


Working closely with Maddie’s team, Hollywood developed a “day in the life” storyline to show how KiiPix can be taken with you wherever you go. Maddie provided six photos and a video of her using the product. Hollywood crafted the content/captions and developed a plan for Maddie’s Instagram feed, the KiiPix Instagram feed, and a day-long Instagram Story on KiiPix.

Finally, to entice Maddie’s followers to not only watch the takeover, but also continue following KiiPix, a sweepstakes was crafted. The rules were simple: like the photo posted to KiiPix’s Instagram feed featuring a KiiPix printer and Maddie’s new book, follow @kiipixofficial and tag three of your BFFs in the comments. The prize? A KiiPix printer, film and a signed copy of Maddie’s book, The Callback.

Campaign results were staggering, exceeding TOMY’s expectations:

  • The campaign reached 8,085,510 people from all social media posts during the campaign.

  • KiiPix’s Instagram follower count increased by 108 percent over the 10-day campaign.

  • Sales of KiiPix on during this time increased by 81 percent. Soon thereafter, KiiPix moved to number one on Amazon’s smartphone photo printer list

Two months later, during the gift-giving season, TOMY reported that these followers were making good on their promise to add KiiPix to their holiday wish list. Sales in December 2018 doubled week over week throughout the month. High KiiPix awareness and sales have been attributed to Hollywood’s work on social media and Maddie Ziegler campaign. KiiPix is now number one on Amazon’s smartphone photo printer list.