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Smart speakers are projected to be in 55% of U.S. households by 2022. As such, the components market for this tech boom is vast and fiercely competitive, with many companies jockeying for visibility.

A Boston startup that launched in 2014Vesper develops the most advanced acoustic sensors – tiny piezoelectric MEMS microphones that make sure Alexa and Hey Google hear our commands. With some press traction in its wake, the time had come for the startup to announce its Series B round of funding. To make sure its Series B made a splash, Vesper engaged Hollywood to help make sure the media microphone was on.

Hollywood crafted a media relations strategy aimed at generating buzz within the Boston innovation ecosystem, national tech and business press, venture capital community and within the core semiconductor trades as critical campaign components to meet the desired objective.

Key to the strategy was choosing a top publication to offer an exclusive to break the news: TechCrunch. With an exclusive in place, the team created a robust media list made up of journalists that had written about startup funding, embedded hardware and the future of voice.

In addition to the TechCruch exclusive, Hollywood’s media relations efforts yielded tremendous results. In fact, 36 pieces of quality coverage yielded nearly 448 million total media impressions.

The onslaught of press coverage was tremendous. Yet what followed the media blitz was the campaign’s greatest achievement: generating awareness from a new investor which led to the funding round nearly tripled in size.

Turning Up The Mic on Series B

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