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Building A Last Minute E-Comm Strategy for Black Friday

By Marissa Lalli, Performance Marketing Director

It’s hard to believe, but Black Friday is right around the corner! While early planning undoubtedly makes the process smoother, the window for creating a comprehensive strategy for your e-commerce business is far from closed. These eight essential steps will empower you to build a winning strategy for this key shopping event, even if you’re working against the clock.

Optimize Your Deals

With the countdown to Black Friday underway, it’s crucial to swiftly pinpoint the products or services you wish to spotlight. While it may be tempting to discount everything, focus on items that offer the best profit margins, are in high-demand,

or are ideal for upselling complementary products. You can also consider bundling related items together for a special price, creating a win-win situation for both you and

your customers.

Stand Out with Smart Pricing Strategies

In the competitive landscape of Black Friday, pricing is a significant driver of sales. Take the time to research your competitors and ensure your prices are in-line with, or even lower than, what they’re offering. Consider unique pricing strategies, such as limited-time discounts, buy-one-get-one deals, or tiered discounts for loyal customers. Competitive pricing will help your e-commerce business stand out and attract more shoppers.

Enhance Your E-Commerce Platform

There is no e-commerce without a high-performing website, and it’s particularly vital during the Black Friday rush. Prior to the big day, it’s important to optimize your website, confirming that the site has fast load times, provides a seamless navigation experience, and offers a straightforward, hassle-free checkout process. With mobile shopping on the rise, make sure your website is fully optimized for mobile users to tap into a wider audience.

Capture Attention with Compelling Emails

A well-executed email marketing strategy can make a significant impact, even when you have limited time. Create a series of compelling emails that notify your subscribers about your Black Friday promotions. Craft engaging subject lines that pique their interest and use eye-catching visuals to capture their attention. Each email should have a clear call to action that directs users to your website or product pages.

Build Buzz on Social

Leveraging your social media platforms is always a cornerstone of a successful e-commerce strategy, but social media is especially valuable when building excitement and anticipation around Black Friday deals. Craft engaging posts that highlight the upcoming offers and encourage your audience to stay tuned.

Boost Your Visibility with Paid Advertising

While organic reach is valuable, paid advertising can give your last-minute Black Friday plan a substantial boost. Consider running ads through platforms like SEM, social media, or programmatic ads. These platforms allow you to target users who are actively searching for Black Friday deals, increasing your chances of getting your products or services in front of potential customers with a high likelihood of conversion.

Create Urgency with Time-Limited Incentives

There’s nothing that encourages an impulsive shopping decision like a time-limited offer. Flash sales, early-bird discounts, and exclusive deals for early purchasers can create excitement and motivate shoppers to make quick purchasing decisions. Make it clear to customers that offers are available for a limited time only to encourage buyers to act promptly.

Communicate Value Up Front

It’s not only about the deals you offer on Black Friday, but also about how you communicate your pricing for the entire holiday season. By being transparent about your deals for the remainder of the season, you can assure customers that they won’t encounter superior offers later. This instills confidence in your shoppers, encouraging them to make purchases on Black Friday without waiting to see if something better comes along on Cyber Monday or beyond.

The importance of a well-planned strategy for Black Friday for e-commerce businesses cannot be overstated. While time may be limited, it’s not too late to build a strategy for this critical shopping event. The Hollywood Agency team is here to help you navigate the challenges and opportunities of Black Friday, ensuring that your business is set up to thrive. Need help getting started? Drop us a line.

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